Split, Croatia - holiday information

Split, Croatia – visitor information

Long time ago, in the year 305 the Palace gave birth to a city that through 1700 years developed into a traffic, historic, touristic and cultural centre. The pride of Split is the Diocletian palace, under the UNESCO protection since the year 1979. The St. Donatus cathedral which was once the Diocletian mausoleum is the oldest building in Europe. The cultural heritage is enriched with numerous churches, monasteries, museums, galleries and palaces. Today Split is known for its numerous fairs, events and manifestations that count more and more visitors.  It is known as a sports town. After the Olympic Games in Athens in the year 2004 Split was the city with most Olympic medals in regard to its population. The name of the city was made known by famous athletes Goran Ivanišević (his spectacular welcoming committee after he won the Wimbledon was aired by world agencies such as CNN), Blanka Vlašić, Ivano Balić, Siniša and Nikša Skelin, Igor Boraska, Lucija and Ana Zaninović, Milivoj Bebić and many others.

For you to have the right image of Split sport history we recommend you visit the Sports House of fame – Split. Still, the population of Split takes greatest pride in their football club Hajduk that celebrated 100 years of existence – part of the atmosphere from the birthday celebration see on:

The supporters – Torcida are one of the oldest ones in Europe. Also another specificity of Split is picigin (water sport with a small ball). It is a sport invented in Split and thus called the Split sport. A group of enthusiasts play it all year long and the New Year’s picigin became a tradition and is played on New Year’s morning. From the year 2005 onward we have also a  traditional competition in picigin. It is played in shoals by hitting a ball with your palms and trying to keep the ball out of the water. Various acrobatics are frequent and can be very interesting to look at. More on picigin find out here, and if you want a better picture of this game see the video:

One more interesting thing makes Split specific – not far from the Jupiter temple there is one of the narrowest streets called „Let me pass” (Pusti me proć) – only 57cm wide. It is specific because it is only a few meters long and only one person can pass through it and has to close an umbrella if he/she has one. Since Split is in recent years developing from a transit into a tourist centre the offer of accommodation capacities is growing, especially in the old city core. Accommodation in Split is available in numerous apartments, rooms, hostels, smaller family and big hotels and gourmets must visit the taverns Nevera, Maslina, Šperun, fish restaurants Bota Šare a Noštromo,  wine and cheese bar Paradox, enotheca Terra, restaurants Boban, Kadena and many others.

Split – basic information

Split – population: 188694, Split - day/ saint: saint : Sv. Dujam, 07.05.

Distance from bigger centres

Split - Makarska. 62km, Split - Pula: 512km, Split - Rijeka: 416km, Split - Zadar: 158km, Split - Šibenik: 92km, Split - Dubrovnik: 260km, Split - Zagreb: 410km

Possibility of accomodation

private accomodation, apartments, rooms, hotels, family hotels, hostels, pensions


pebble, sandy, stone, concreted

Facilities and authorities

hospital, emergency, self-service shops, shopping centres, bakery, gas station, post office, bank, exchange office, internet caffe, call shop, taxi, bus station, farmacy, souvenir shops, dental practice, market, fishmorgen's

Sport's and recreative offer

football field, mini-football field, volleyball in the sand, basketball court, tennis court, rent a car, rent a motor, rent a bike, water scooters, rent a boat, diving school, water sports, walking, jogging tracks, waterslide, routes for cyclists, gym / fitness, massage services, sauna, solarium

Gastronomic offer

restaurants, traditional croatian taverns, pizzerias, fast food restorants, saloons

Night life

disco club, night club, karaoke show, musical evenings in the town, casino, coctail bar, cinema, theatre

Additional offer

congress centre, rafting nearby, croatian national park nearby, organised trips to nearby destinations, organised trips to nearby islands, promenade along the sea, organisation of entertaining and cultural events by the tourist board, organisation of fishermen's nights, organisation of folk entertainments, nautic tourist port in the place

Split – why choose this destination

beautiful beaches, long promenades along the sea, enteraining facilities on the beaches, sports facilities near the beaches, rich gastronomic offer, rich night and entertaining life in the place, rich cultural life in the place (exibitions, shows, music evenings), organisation of cultural summer, great shopping conveniences, place rich with cultural and histirical monuments, numerous museums and galeries, place under UNESCO protection, long cycling routes and walking tracks, possibility for training preparations of sportsmen, possibility for organisation of congresses, possibility for departures on interesting trips, possibility for sailing around islands, genuin gastronomic offer nearby, possibility for pilgrimage trip, golf courses nearby, possibility for getting familiar with the life of people and local customs, numerous events in the place (fashion shows, fairs, sports events, parties, concerts)

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